Weledeh Catholic School uses the following curriculums in delivering the required courses in accordance with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT):

Language Arts – Western Canada Language Arts Curriculum
Math – Western Canada Protocol for Mathematics
Social Studies – GNWT Social Studies Curriculum
Science – Pan Canada Science Curriculum (7 & 8); GNWT Science
Religion – Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Health – Alberta Catholic School Health Program
Dene Kede – GNWT
Physical Education – Alberta PE Curriculum

Weledeh has a number of things in place in order to enhance the overall school culture for our studens and school as a community. The activities are student centered and are provided as a sample of creating a warm, welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all students who attend Weledeh. Events include not only activities and functions but also programs that have been developed to create the best learning environment.

Treaty Students
We provide Treaty students with school supplies.  Please stop by the front office for more information.

School Liturgies
Monthly, students gather as a school community to take part in liturgical celebrations proper for the season. We celebrate Advent and Lent with special liturgies.

Parish Masses and Liturgies
Twice a year the school actively participates in the weekly mass at St. Patrick’s Parish.

Spiritual Retreats
Students in grade 5-7 take part in a religious retreat during the course of the school year. This retreat allows the students to reflect on faith and their relationship with God.

International and Local Social Justice Project/Wolves for the World
Each year students at Weledeh band together to fundraise for an international social justice project. In recent years students have raised enough to purchase over 50 wheelchairs that were sent to Mexico through Wheelchair International; to build 2 schools in Sri Lanka through Free the Children; and a substantial amount has been raised for international emergency relief efforts.  Wolves for the World also fundraises for local organizations like the Food Bank and Salvation Army.

Faith Alive Day and PBS Day
Full day celebrations where students play, learn and live the Christian values presented through our daily lives and these exciting programs.

Early Intervention
An early intervention language program is provided for students in Kindergarten and grade 1/2. All students in Kindergarten are tested and those who show delays in language development are placed into the program from October to June.

Students who need additional support may receive it for part or all of grade 1 and 2.

Students from K-5 participate in an arts program three times a week. The program allows for exposure to both basic musical knowledge and instruments. It incorporates a variety of movement and drama lessons.  The program has been successful in developing a strong choir within the school.

Fine Arts and Band
The Fine Arts program runs congruent with the Band program for those students who wish to explore a different area of fine arts. The program runs similarly to the Exploratories program in that students participate in two terms of fine arts per school year.  Band for grade 7 students is mandatory.

Middle School Leadership Councils
This program is designed to build, develop and maintain a positive school culture within the middle school division, as well as to expose students to a variety of councils to actively participate in for a stronger concept of team. One period per cycle is dedicated to the groups - Christian Leadership Council, Positive Behaviour Support Council, Student Council, Sports Council, Public Speaking and School Events Council, and School Ambassadors Council.

Middle School Retreat
Middle school students come together on an annual day long retreat providing opportunity to bond as a learning community and reflect upon the meaning of community.

Second Step
A violence-prevention course that is designed to help children learn pro-social skills and reduce impulsive-aggressive behaviour. Students talk about what bullying is, and how to handle situations in which they may encounter either being bullied or being a bully. They also learn problem solving skills.  Work with the PBS team has seen Second Step incorporated into the PBS program.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education is offered through coordination between the school and the RCMP. Grade 6 students participate in a drug awareness program which better equips them to deal with difficult situations and making choices.

Child Abuse Resistance Education is taught to students in grade 1, 3, and 5. The intent of the program is to focus on personal safety and make students aware of situations that may place them at-risk.

School Wide Book Fairs
Through the library and the promotion of literacy, book fairs allow students and families to purchase and enjoy books and literacy together.

Grade Seven Awards and Farewell Evening
Students who have displayed outstanding effort in different areas are recognized with plaques which signify the effort they have displayed throughout their time at Weledeh.

Honor Roll/Principal’s List
Academic achievement of students is recognized at each reporting period with publication of the honor roll and principals list. Students receiving a grade of 80% or higher in the 4 cores are placed on the honor roll; students with an average between 70 and 79.5% are on the principal’s roll.

Middle School Wolfpack, Primary Wolfpack and Student of the Month
Students gather monthly in celebration of their divisional school community. Individual students are recognized by homeroom teachers for personal accomplishments.

Celebrating Student Success Days
Students meeting the expectations of successful students, including good attendance, completion of assigned work and meeting behaviour expectations, are invited to celebrate a successful term. Students not taking part in CSS follow a regular school day, with one of the middle school teachers.

School Theme Days
Provide an opportunity for students to participate in a fun, celebratory day as an entire school.

Middle School Talent Show
Students in grades 6-7 participate in a talent show which allows them to share their abilities with the school as a whole.

Sports Events
Grace 6-7 students are given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular sports programs which culminate in tournament events such as: Yellowknife Badminton Tournament, Spike-It Volleyball Tournament, Jr. Cager Basketball Tournament, Super Soccer Tournament, Yellowknife Midnight Sun Track and Field Meet and Hay River Territorial Track and Field Invitational.

Halloween Spectacular
Students celebrate the Halloween season with activities, cake walks, costume parades, and an amazing haunted house.

Christmas Concert and Parade
As a school Weledeh produces a fun, welcoming and family orientated Christmas concert and also participates in the Yellowknife Christmas Parade. Weledeh  offers a diverse range of options to meet our student's needs and interests.