Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

The language of art therapy is a creative process of self-expression.   Art therapy helps students with emotional conflicts, fostering of self-awareness, development of social skills, reduction of anxiety, and with their self-esteem. The art together with the discussion around the art making process helps the student understand who they are and/or as a part of a group.

Why in school?

When emotional issues distract a student, learning difficulties, or behavioural disorders learning is hampered.  Art therapy provides a visual and verbal approach to accessing and addressing the needs of the student.  Art is a natural mode of communication for children and offers them an alternate way for expression. 

Who can benefit?

Although most anyone will benefit from additional support, it is highly unlikely that everyone gets the opportunity! Art therapists can provide interventions for social, emotional and behavioural problems.  Students in personal crisis, struggling with disabilities, or challenging behaviours are most likely to benefit.